The Most Common Causes of Vehicle Dents

auto body shop Fort Worth TXIt can be very frustrating to approach your beautiful car only to find a newly acquired dent or scratch. Once you notice it, there’s no un-seeing it until your vehicle is brought to an auto body shop in Fort Worth, TX. If you’re finding new dents and scratches often, here are some of the most common culprits.

Car Doors
When vehicles are parked in close proximity, dents caused by the opening of adjacent car doors are all too common. Whether you’re in a busy parking lot or even your own multiple-car garage, be sure you’re parking an appropriate distance away from other vehicles.

If hail is strong or hits your car continually, it can leave several dents. If sheltered parking is not an option, invest in a car cover that protects from hail and other harmful elements.

Shopping Carts
Sadly, many shoppers fail to return their shopping carts to the cart corral. Store parking lots are then littered with unsecured carts that can roll into nearby vehicles. To avoid damage, park towards the back of the lot (or wherever is the least occupied).

Sporting Events & Concerts
The parking lots of sporting events and crowded concerts are popular places for tailgating. When alcohol is combined with activities like Frisbee or playing catch, accidents are bound to happen. Again, try parking in a less-occupied area if possible.

Are we missing anything? Feel free to leave a comment with a story on how your car was dented!

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