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How to Protect Your Vehicle from Hail Damage (Without a Garage)

hood of car with dents after a hail stormAccording to, the state of Texas saw the most hail damage claims in 2016. While protecting your vehicle from the wrath of hail may be a simple task if you have a garage, it can feel like a helpless situation for drivers who do not. However, there are still some crucial tips you can follow to keep your car protected from hail.

Invest in a car cover or carport
These protective items come at a low price when the cost of devastating hail damage is considered. Car covers can be found at any local auto supply store and can be quite effective at protecting your vehicle from damage. Meanwhile, carports can be found at most stores that offer lawn and garden supplies, and are relatively easy to install.

Protect your windshield with floor mats
If you do not have a car cover at the time of a hailstorm, cover your windshield with your car’s floor mats. While they will not cover the entire vehicle, they can at least help to minimize the damage.

Park alongside a large building
If you are driving while a hailstorm hits and there are no garages or gas stations nearby where you can take cover, park your car alongside a large building, so it acts as a shield. For example, if a storm is coming from the south, park on the north side of the building.

If your car has been damaged due to hail, you can do away with the dents without the high expenses. For paintless dent removal in Arlington, TX, call our auto body shop today at (817) 332-4123.