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What Really Affects Your Vehicle’s Trade-In Value?

auto body shop Weatherford TXWhen you sell your car, many factors can affect its resale value. If you stay informed, you should be able to achieve the maximum trade-in amount before buying a new one.

Mechanical Condition
It’s a no brainer that if your car runs great and you’ve kept a record of regular maintenance or repairs, this could increase the value of your used car.

Fewer miles typically mean higher resale values. Even if your car has been well-maintained and is in great condition, don’t be surprised if fewer buyers are interested due to high mileage.

Aftermarket Accessories
Even if your add-ons were costly, things like custom rims and upgraded stereos could scare away buyers. They may become concerned with high upkeep costs, warranty coverage, or simply not be interested in a vehicle with these modifications – especially ones that have altered powertrain or safety equipment.

Interior Condition
If your car has an unpleasant odor or it appears you’ve been living in it, you’re going to have a hard time getting the value you want for your car. Consult a professional to detail the interior, and consider investing in a set of new floor mats.

Exterior Condition
A potential buyer or an inspector at a car dealership will significantly decrease your car’s resale value if you have dents, chipped paint, and other exterior problems that negatively affect your vehicle’s appearance. To ensure a higher resale value on your car down the line, address dings or dents at our auto body shop in Weatherford, TX as they occur.

What to Do When Your Vehicle Experiences Hail Damage

 auto body shop Fort Worth TXIt goes without saying that no one likes to wake up in the morning and find that their car has endured hail damage. However, you shouldn’t have to live with the unsightly dents on your car for long; Quality Paintless Dent Removal can come to you, which makes the process of repairing hail damage an easy one. If you’ve discovered hail damage on your vehicle, keep reading for the steps you should take.

Report it to your insurance company
As with all cases of vehicle damage, your insurance company should be contacted as soon as possible. You may be directed to their favorite body shop, but our shop does work with all insurance companies.

Learn about common dent removal techniques
Hail dent removal can be achieved by hammering and then painting your car’s sheet metal, or with the process of paintless dent removal. With the latter, tools are applied to the underside of your car in order to avoid damaging the paint’s finish. Dent removal by hammering and painting should be saved for especially large dents where paint has already been damaged.

Find a shop that meets your needs
Research auto body shops in Fort Worth, TX that offer hail damage repair. When you visit us for your hail damage repair, you can trust our experienced technicians to finish the job for a competitive rate.