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Defrosting Your Car the Safe Way

Paintless dent removal Weatherford TXMost people are familiar with the struggle of being late for work while your car is still covered in snow and ice. Here are some tricks for defrosting your car without doing any damage to the windshield or exterior.

Windshield & Windows
If you’re in a rush, you may consider it a good idea to toss hot water on your windshield to quickly melt the ice and/or snow. However, the sudden shift in temperature can cause a crack in the windshield. Instead, apply a mixture rubbing alcohol and water with a spray bottle. This solution is much more effective and won’t cause damage.

Door Locks
One of the most frustrating parts of an icy, chilly morning is ice buildup on your car’s doors locks. Rather than using your key to chip away at the ice, apply the rubbing alcohol/water mixture. You can also purchase a lock de-icer for additional lubrication and prevention. (Coating your key in petroleum jelly before inserting it can help, too.)

The Roof
If you’re in a hurry, you may neglect your car’s roof when clearing your vehicle of snow. However, this can be a hazard if the snow later falls to your windshield while driving. Snow/ice falloff at high speeds can crack or dent the cars of other drivers, as well. Using a telescoping snow broom is a quick and easy way to sweet snow off your car’s surfaces without damage.

If you’ve happened to notice a dent on your vehicle from troublesome winter conditions, contact our auto body shop today for paintless dent removal in Weatherford, TX.