Vehicle Maintenance Before Traveling for the Holidays

collision repair Fort Worth TXWith a tickets becoming increasingly expensive, more travelers are opting to drive for the holidays. When you’re supposed to be celebrating and enjoying time with family and friends, the last thing you’ll want to deal with is car trouble. Before setting out for your holiday travels, we want to remind you of the most important car maintenance services to have completed beforehand.

Have your brakes been checked by a professional recently? They’re the most important safety feature on your vehicle, so be sure to have them checked before you leave.

As a servicer of collision repair in Fort Worth TX, we know that adverse weather causes most accidents to occur during the winter season. To ensure the safest ride as possible, it’s crucial to make sure your tire pressure is correct, your wheels are aligned, and that you have the necessary tread left on your tires. A tire inspection should always be part of your car maintenance before you hit the road for a long trip.

Oil Change
Clean and efficient motor oil is essential for helping your engine run properly. Waiting too long between oil changes can negatively affect your engine’s performance or cause damage that could result in an expensive repair.