The Most Common Car Repairs During the Summer

modern highway with trafficDuring the summer months, many people take advantage of their vacation time and the nice weather by traveling. However, before you hit the road, you may want to consider scheduling automotive repair for your vehicle. While it’s partially the warm temperatures that make summer enjoyable, it’s these same temperatures that can contribute to a breakdown. Here are some of the most common car repairs experienced during the summer and what you can do to prevent them.

Overheated Engine
When temperatures are high, your vehicle has to work harder to keep the engine cool. The repair for an overheated engine is typically more coolant or a new thermostat. If the overheating becomes frequent despite these updates, more repairs work may be necessary.

Tire Problems
Rising temperatures mean rising tire pressures. If your tires remain over-inflated as you drive on hot roads, more stress is placed on them as they are forced to flex more. Thus, there are higher chances of having a blowout. It’s important to ensure your tires are properly inflated and that worn out tires are replaced.

Broken A/C
While defects in your air conditioning unit likely won’t be noticeable in the cooler months, a poorly performing unit is immediately noticeable during summer. Rather than finding that your A/C requires maintenance in the middle of a road trip, have it checked before the onset of summer at our auto body shop in Weatherford, TX.